TCEQ meeting in Austin


On July 23rd, 2012, HaaenSage’s Scott Muller, Managing Partner, and Sue Huang, Project Manager, participated in TCEQ’s (Austin, TX) technical exchange meeting in conjunction with Ms. Jun Lu of HaaenSage industry/government-partner SAES (Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences). The main topic of this meeting is the current condition of the air quality control programs in US and China. The communication with TCEQ experts provided a powerful reference for SAES, which is charged with helping to develop VOC Emission Reduction (VER) regulations for Shanghai. HaaenSage provided significant input during the meeting and helped decipher differences between domestic and foreign air pollution control regulations.

The topics included: functions, goals, and challenges of the Air Quality Department; personnel, funding, and budget allocation; regulatory development, publication, and regulatory implementation.nn1 Cam Newton Jersey