Venus and you will Mars issue – the fresh new conjunction specifically, although sextile, trine, rectangular and oppositions also are a great synastry points

Venus and you will Mars issue – the fresh new conjunction specifically, although sextile, trine, rectangular and oppositions also are a great synastry points

— Sunlight conjunct moonlight within the 6th house. It’s been a significant friendzone factor personally. Can’t ever find them (sun) once the far from loved ones otherwise acquaintances.

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Venus-Pluto issue: in a single word harmful. There’s a lot understand from these points nonetheless are most likely to make most dangerous matchmaking especially the rectangular

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moon flaccid factor to the ascendant (mental rapport) Sunlight conjunct/trine/section Venus (friendly union) Moon-mercury (understanding for each and every other’s ideas/communication) Mercury-mercury an excellent aspects (a great conversations) Mercury-Venus conjunction (you’ll love the newest individuals voice/speaking build) Venus-mars conjunction (type of simple. I was repulsed of the some men that connections to my personal mars/Venus and you may attracted to someone else) Moon-mars silky aspects (flaccid however, chronic sex) Sun-mars (amicable competition) Venus inside 8th (naughty, but best if commitment goes both ways)

Simple factors Sunshine-sunrays (low amicable relationship) Sun-moon (You will find identified a lot of dudes whoever sunshine conjuncts my personal moon however, never ever anything more than relationship) Mars-Chiron (which union is hella hot but you feel really sensitive to the solutions therefore leaves your more insecure than just one could eg) Worlds within my 7th domestic do-nothing for my situation. Perhaps string initial destination but that is they.

Crappy issue Mercury square mercury (possible hardly agree with a comparable situation otherwise display a critical connection) Moonlight rectangular mars (I found myself mars. Moon carry out get ass harm for no reason, however I ran across I was harming the thinking in certain way) Venus rectangular Venus (various other like appearances. For those who have a flame Venus together with other has actually a good liquids you can find them as well sluggish, as well sensitive, and you may as well insecure) Mars square mars (difficult to synchronize activities together with her) Mars rectangular saturn (severe! Particularly when you might be mars) Ascendant square sunshine (discovered the sun extremely pompous)

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High, I vibrate.

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But not I think an excellent trine of your own aforementioned is means better. But I’m loving the fresh new combination I’m sense. Once they actually stop I’m sure it could be bitter to possess among us. Most likely not myself tho lol.

Its Mars on your 12H means they are not faithful. Perhaps not in an infidelity feel but in a feeling in which they neeeeever have your back. And it’s really nothing like they won’t have to it is simply for example they can’t help delivering others’ sides over yours. Thee bad. New moon there makes them subconsciously harm you too. They won’t actually realize they’ve been are dipshits. A number of delusion.

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moon flaccid factor towards ascendant (mental connection) Sunlight conjunct/trine/section Venus (amicable partnership) Moon-mercury (knowledge each other’s thoughts/communication) Mercury-mercury a good factors (a great conversations) Mercury-Venus combination (you’ll like the new people sound/speaking layout) Venus-mars conjunction (kind of basic. I’ve been repulsed from the some people who possess involvement with my mars/Venus and you can keen on someone else) Moon-mars delicate factors (soft however, chronic sexuality) Sun-mars (amicable race) Venus inside the 8th (aroused, but better if partnership happens each other indicates)

Neutral issues Sunlight-sun (shallow amicable partnership) Sun-moonlight (You will find known a lot of dudes whose sunshine conjuncts my moon but never ever anything else than relationship) Mars-Chiron (this partnership is hella hot but you be really responsive to the responses therefore makes your a bit more vulnerable than you might such as) Globes within my 7th house do-nothing for my situation. Possibly sequence 1st attraction but that is they.

Bad aspects Mercury rectangular mercury (you are able to hardly agree on a similar point or share a life threatening connection) Moon square mars (I happened to be mars. Moon perform score ass damage on no account, but I ran across I found myself harming the emotions in a few way) Venus rectangular Venus (more love appearance. For those who have a fire Venus plus the other have an excellent liquid there are them too sluggish, also painful and sensitive, and also vulnerable) Mars square mars (difficult to coordinate issues along with her) Mars square saturn (severe! Particularly when you are mars) Ascendant rectangular sunrays (located the sun’s rays super conceited)