map1Focusing on volatile organic compounds (VOC) control, Sage EHS integrates world’s advanced VOC control experience and professional technical personnel, to provide efficient and powerful solutions for China’s VOC emission reduction.

As the first enterprise to introduce leak detection and repair (LDAR) system in China, Sage has already established a benchmark in fugitive emission control.

We partner with Local Service Providers (LSPs) who know the local environment and business relationships, and who want to become providers of quality VOC control program services. We outfit these LSPs with hardware, software, procedures, and other tools they need to deliver professional results. These relationships mail oder brides endure as we support the LSPs with ongoing expert-level VOC consulting services, helping them keep their companies on top of emissions, and in compliance with emerging regulations.

We serve government agencies by offering top-notch consultancy on VOC Emission Reduction (VER) strategies. From Control Program Regulatory Development to Compliance Auditing Systems to VOC Training Programs, we develop custom solutions for local, provincial/state, and national governments to help ensure their control programs run smoothly and achieve intended results.

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