Equipment Maintenance Center

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Sage Equipment Maintenance Center provides professional maintenance service for toxic volatile analyzer PHX21,TVA-1000B and infrared Gas Image Camera EyeCGas. Sage Equipment Maintenance Center has a strong technical force with many professional maintenance engineers who have received professional training and been engaged in instrumentation technical service for many years, with good occupation moral and technology skills. Thus they have very rich experience and form a professional, high-quality and efficient technical service team. At present, Sage equipment maintenance service center establishes a long-term cooperative partnership with American Thermo Fisher, LDARTools, and Israeli Opgal and has already got authorization and founded China Equipment Maintenance Center.

Sage Equipment Maintenance Center has advanced detection equipments and a full range of repair tools, can detect the fault of instrumentation quickly and accurately, and solve problems fleetly. Sage equipment maintenance service center provides:

[wptab name=’Optimizing uptime’]

Sage Equipment Maintenance Center can optimize equipment’s uptime, and provide support whenever and wherever according to the need.

Equipment’s reliability is essential. Toxic volatile analyzer PHX21,, TVA-1000B and Infrared Gas Image Camera EyeCGas are durable and reliable for years’ operation.

1)Do you want your equipments to run normally in any environment?

2)Do you want to decrease the downtime of your equipments to a minimum, due to equipment failure, component damage or common wear?

3) Do you want to get necessary support from an expert? – On-site or remote.

4) Do you want to control cost and ensure equipments’ longevity?

Sage Equipment Maintenance Center helps you get the largest benefit in the investment. By flexible on-site service, intensive remote expert network, and the most advanced tools and techniques, our service can ensure maximum uptime of the equipments.

Normal run time services include:

    Spare parts and toolkit — For simple fault and parts’ replacement, we can let your team make it by their own. And our spare parts and toolkit provide the most commonly used spare parts inventory, which ensures your team to deal with simple fault’s parts replacement rapidly, and avoid long downtime.

    Wearing parts — With the passage of time, the mechanical moving parts, detector components and protective covers which operators often use may wear. Our experts know when to replace these parts before the occurrence of fault, thus to ensure normal running time.

    Revision — Overhaul on the equipment would help it continue operating for many years, effectively extend equipment’s service life. We know how to reset your device, and restore their initial performance.

    On-site and center repair — In case of equipment’s performance problems or operational problems, you can choose us to the on-site to repair equipment or you can come to our center for repair.


[wptab name=’Performance’]

The performance of precision instruments and measuring equipments is crucial to the success of the company. You need your business run smoothly, and produce the-highest-quality products and results. Sage equipment maintenance service provides high-performance equipments and software, as well as professional service and support, helping you take the most efficient advantage of your device and its function.

1)You want your instrument to run at optimum performance. Our experts can provide professional service for your instrument, and equip it with appropriate software. We analyze your application and environment, determine your needs, adjust and optimize the set parameters, and provide you the solution.

2)You want to maintain the performance of equipment in its life cycle. Our preventive maintenance plan ensures the highest reliability and accuracy. In emergency, our experts can determine which steps are necessary, in order to guarantee the best performance of the device.

3)You want your solution to keep pace with the times, and benefit from recent update and performance improvement. With the help of our software maintenance and upgrade service, we can make sure that your device can maintain its top function in the next few years.

4)You have some special application requirements and hope to use the instrument in the best way to achieve the results you want. Our application experts will help you to make the device settings, function and application fit your needs.

Sage equipment maintenance service guarantees the best performance of device through the optimal solution. Our services and products help you customize and adjust your equipment, and meet your specific demands.


[wptab name=’Quality Assurance’]

Sage equipment maintenance service ensures you always complying with regulatory requirements and feeling no anxiety on the measurement results.

Through our quality assurance and certification service, you will be sure to have the highest standard of product quality. Your measuring equipment is the core of quality system, and you’ll make sure that your measurement results satisfy any and all internal and external requirements.

1) You want to ensure that your measurement results are accurate and comply with relevant provisions.

2) You want to get an expert’s support in relevant external regulations, and understand the regulations having impact on your business.

3) You want to confirm that your device can pass through any internal or external audits smoothly.

Sage equipment maintenance service knows about taking what kind of measures to keep instrument’s detection data accord with quality assurance. Our service ensures you to focus on your operation, without any worry of measurement results.

Quality assurance services include:

Calibration and certification — We can help you determine what calibration steps and frequencies to make the instrument maintain regulatory requirements and needs. Using our unique calibration process, our service engineers provide a unique, traceable paper or electronic version of calibration report for you.

Document and test — For those instruments needing to comply with internal and external provisions, we provide all the necessary documentations for you. We help you to decide the necessary testing procedures, ensuring that your measurement results are accurate and reliable.

Measurement technical support — If you carry out measurement technical support work, we can help you meet the requirements of data’s validity. We ensure your data in accordance with the quality requirements of local government departments.

Assessment and validation — We take evaluation on your instrument and validation on software and system to see whether they are applicable in any regulations conditions, which depends on the experience we have as a market leader.


[wptab name=’Professional Training’]

Sage equipment maintenance service makes your team working more effectively and efficiently – from basic user training and documentation to advanced application training.

1) You want to make sure that your team has necessary knowledge and confidence to operate your equipment effectively and efficiently.

2) You would let your operating personnel and technical personnel know how to process and maintain your equipment.

3) You want to know the latest developments in the industry.

4) You hope to be able to have the-highest-level access to all the necessary information about operating the instrument.

Sage equipment maintenance service ensures your team to know the latest condition about the equipment and let them prepare for future mission, which benefits from our leading position in technology, user application and regulation.

Expert services include:

  • Basic user and technical training — From standard classroom training to on-site guidance and support. In order to make your team have necessary knowledge, we can provide tailor-made training activities for them.
  • Senior application training — The industry and application experts from around the world ensure you to keep up with the latest development of technology, regulation and instrument application.



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