LDAR-Plus™ Package

The Sage LDAR-Plus™ Package is everything you need to perform competent, professional LDAR services for your clients. The LDAR-Plus™ Package includes:


Hardware: China Emissions Monitoring Regulation-approved monitoring instruments, field datalogging equipment, and other LDAR equipment needed to conduct fugitive emissions monitoring
Protocols and Procedures: Chinese-language training videos, protocols, procedures, and other documents, and
Field Training: onsite training by our engineers to help you quickly master these tools.

Protocols and Procedures

cont_101Sage will provide your team a comprehensive set of protocols and procedures to guide them through each step of LDAR program implementation, ensure compliance with applicable requirements, and to ensure quality and consistency in the LDAR work performed.

Field Training

cont_103Sage will provide your team with onsite LDAR program training. Instruction will begin with an overview of LDAR program management and general principles. Topics such as inventory management, inspection scheduling/management, and maintenance scheduling/management will be discussed. Sage engineers will then provide hands-on, field training with monitoring instruments/analyzers, field data collection devices, and other LDAR program hardware/instrumentation. Following the field training, Sage will teach your staff how to use the platform to perform all of the data management tasks related to the LDAR program, including component routing, inspection download/upload processes, repairs and re-inspections, emission calculations, record keeping, and reporting. Finally, Sage engineers will review Protocols and Procedures with your staff to make sure they understand how to perform all major program steps correctly.