Sage engineers are industry experts when it comes to VOCemission reduction (VER) programs and regulatory development. We champion smart and cost-effective approaches to compliance and emissions reductions. Sage experts helped develop many of the successful VER systems used around the world, so we understand the complexities of regulatory development, the implementation hurdles experienced by industry, and the public’sneed for real emission reductions.

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Our expertise in all facets of VOC emission control makes Sage the ideal partner for China regulatory development bodies. Our experts:

  • Are international experts in a variety of VOCs control areas
  • Created U.S. national policy and oversaw implementation of specific VOCs control programs for the U.S. EPA
  • Implement industry-leading VOCs control programs through our engineering and field service divisions and sister companies
  • Present at national and international conferences on VOCs control topics, best management practices, and innovative approaches to emissions mitigation
  • Share our expertise through beginning to expert-level training for industry and government personnel in numerous aspects of air emissions management


[wptab name=’Scope of Service’]

Sage offers regulatory and implementation system development services to China Provincial and Municipal EPBs, Academies of Environmental Sciences, and other regulatory development and management bodies. Our services include development of software for electronic reporting frameworks, auditing portals, compliance implementation auditing systems, rule effectiveness evaluation tools, and other mechanisms to assist with regulatory program oversight and review. Sage engineers and experts perform the following, specific VER program services:

  • Existing Programs Research (Methods and Approaches)
  • Cost-Effectiveness Evaluations
  • Technical Roadmap Development
  • Rule Writing/Regulatory Development
  • Customized VOC Emission Management System (VEMS) Development
  • Guidance Development for VER Program Implementation
  • VOC Emission Reduction (VER) Training Program Development and Delivery
  • VER Program Trained Operator Certification Programs/Systems
  • Inspection/Enforcement Assistance
  • VER Program Compliance Auditing Systems Development
  • Penalty Policy Creation/Application
  • Best Practices Review
  • Rule Effectiveness Review
  • Emissions Inventory and Control Program Implementation Tracking Systems
  • Data Evaluation, VER Program/Regulatory Development Assistance, and Expert Consulting Services


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Sage produces summary reports, spreadsheet cost-effectiveness evaluations, graphical roadmaps, draft regulatory language, compliance and implementation assistance documents, audit reports, software tools/systems, and other evaluations, based on the exact service desired.


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Sage is actively working with several China EPBs to develop tailored VOCs control strategy standards.Because our approach and framework are reproducible, our solutions are highly cost effective. Weare currently helping Shanghai EPB and Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences develop local VOCs emission control standards, and are advising Guangdong, JiangSu, Beijing, and other EPBs.