HSEE Expertise

For Industry

  • Are internationally-recognized leaders for VOC control in the refining, chemical, and petrochemical industries
  • Have worked on air quality projects in over 40 countries on 4 continents, including China/Taiwan, Thailand, Europe, Mid-East, Australia, and the US
  • Have contracted bestdatingsitesrating.com with every US major and large independent oil company to assist with VOC control, emission inventory, or air quality permitting
  • Create the industry-leading LDAR-Plus™ Package and other turnkey Implement industry-leading VOC Emission Reduction (VER) solutions for Local Service Providers. and other loss-reduction programs through our field service divisions/companies


For Governments

  • Have created policy, held national expert positions, and overseen implementation of specific VOC control programs at the US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Consult foreign/state governments and other international organizations on VOC control programs
  • Recently performed a comprehensive evaluation in the European Union on flaring requirements
  • Contract with international Standards Institutes to provide expert assistance on VOC control methods related to specific emission sources
  • Conducted a recent training for American Petroleum Institute on VOC Emission Inventory and US national reporting of toxic VOCs


For VEMS Software

  • Founded the international conference on VOC control issues related to LDAR, BWON (Wastewater), and Tanks and Flares—the LBTF Conference
  • Provide beginner to expert-level training in numerous aspects of VOC emissions management to industry and government
  • Recently led multiple training workshops on specific VOC control issues for the international environmental conference hosted by the US National Petrochemical and Refining Association
  • Present regularly at national and international conferences on VOC control topics, best management practices, and innovative approaches to emissions management